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The Loan Rate field allows you to specify the maximum daily interest rate you are willing to pay should your order open any new loans.A forced liquidation is when all or part of your positions are closed automatically to prevent further loss and ensure you do not default on your loans.Your tradable balance is the amount of funds currently available to you for trading.

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The real price at which a forced liquidation will occur cannot be predicted with complete accuracy, as it depends, among other things, on the size and number of your open positions and orders, the current value of your collateral, and current market and order book conditions.These changes are effective immediately and apply to all Poloniex users.This is obvious, as the longer the money has remained invested in the more it starts earning interest over it.Your exchange account holds the funds you use for regular trading on the Exchange tab.In Margin Trading, trigger orders and stop limit orders may end up triggering at an amount less than the amount you specify.How can I do. a few exchanges where you can short Bitcoin. on altcoins vs Bitcoin then the most liquid exchange is Poloniex.

With the addition of margin trading, you now have three separate accounts in which you can store your deposited funds: exchange, margin, and lending.

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Now, in order to avoid a forced liquidation, the Net Value of your margin account must remain above 20% of the 3 BTC you just borrowed, or 0.6 BTC. If the price of XMR starts declining, the amount of BTC you can get by selling the XMR you just purchased diminishes, and you start to incur a loss.

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Remember, a loan can always be closed early by the taker, so be sure to offer competitive rates if you want the best chance of your offers being taken.ICO held on the Poloniex Exchange. along manually by switching on Proof Of Work for a short period.If you were holding eth on Poloniex pre hf, EVEN IN MARGIN, you now have an equal balance of ETC on Polo which you can SELL.

Once you have placed your offer, it becomes available for margin traders to use.Mainly a Euro and US Dollar exchange for Bitcoin and Litecoin, but also offers markets for several other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.Subscribe The Long and the Short of Lending on Poloniex 23 Jun 2016 on Poloniex, Margin, Lending, Trading, and Cryptocurrency Lending Bitcoin on.If the amount of this loss, together with the lending fees you owe, reaches 0.9 BTC, the net value of your margin account will be 0.6 BTC (1.5 BTC minus 0.9 BTC in unrealized losses) and a forced liquidation will trigger.By ROI, I mean the average profits reaped on an investment in a given time.For example, if you want to borrow 3 BTC and your Initial Margin is 40%, you need to have at least 40% of 3 BTC — or 1.2 BTC — worth of funds in your margin account, less unrealized losses and lending fees.

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Current Margin: The percentage of your Total Borrowed Value that your Net Value currently is (in other words, Net Value over Total Borrowed Value).

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Therefore, an roid value of 5 here means that from the point of investment till date, the investment made a consistent 5% profits every 30 days, compounded.

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Lending Bitcoin on Poloniex is a very. different cryptos and with Cryptocurrency margin trading on Poloniex.Unrealized Lending Fees: The estimated value of outstanding fees on currently-open loans.

On the right side of the margin trading page, beneath the markets box, you will see a summary of your margin account.Base Price: The approximate price at which you would need to close your position in order to break even.Bitcoin Futures Guide. interest payment based on the net Poloniex ETH and BTC lending rates is sent from traders who are long ETHXBT to traders who are short on.

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Click on the Lending tab at the top of the page, then select the coin you wish to offer in the My Balances box on the right.Minor changes in price in distant-past greatly affect the growth, while major changes in near-past have less effect on the growth.Poloniex Disables The Trollbox To Let Moderators Focus on. the Poloniex exchange has shut.

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Total Margin Value: The total BTC value of all the currencies in your margin account.Well, most of us cryptocurrency enthusiasts know the answers to atleast some of those questions, but do we know the quantitatively.

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Duration: The maximum number of days your funds will be held in a loan.A short analysis on Bitcoin investment. One issue with using Poloniex as our source is that we will be dealing in USDT instead of Fiat currencies like USD,.Proof of Stake P2P Digital Token and Messaging system that is traded on Poloniex. desperate to control Bitcoin. short codes: Country Code For.

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It is important to remember that although you can specify your maximum loan rate when you place an order, you may end up with a higher rate if you keep an order or position open for more than two days.Wincent also confirmed that he and his friends would be moving back to the main chain in short.Initial Margin: The percentage your Net Value is of the total value you can borrow.