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His LTC hashpower is growing as more miners are going online under his control.I am not planning further restarts unless something pops out.

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We need to do what we can to take control away from the select few, and everyone needs to do this to show UASF is the economic majority.Chinese investors have been pushing up the LTC price once again.RTGS, Segwit, Lightning Network, Offchain processing and the future of BCH, LTC and the Mining business.

Cancelled this short temporary on that trendline break for a tiny loss, looking for a better entry.Helpful (2) Unhelpful (23) You have already voted this. (Subject to change with segwit deployment).Agree with the trade, but targets seem a bit agressive, who knows though.

A group of Chinese crypto entities from across the scaling debate has gathered together to support SegWit for Litecoin via a vote.Though my total position if totally filled will be equal to my collateral, so my leverage is just x1.It was only a few short days ago that Segwit activation on LTC looked as though it had lost momentum,.Litecoin Pool Signaling Segwit for ALL Blocks. litecoin: 0: 0.00 KH: Support this pool by donating LTC:.The update is called Segwit, and it basically doubles the capacity of any network it is activated on.This Litecoin China Roundtable is yet another strong reason to stop.

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Evolve Markets Proudly Launches LTC. evolve-markets-proudly-launches.

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It could be anything in short term but long term no question all alts will go down but maybe need 3-4 months.Update Cancel. The implementation of Segwit made LTC the digital currency with the best technology (in the proof of work space).

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Litecoin, one of the oldest and biggest altcoins by market cap, deployed Segregated Witness (SegWit) today.The SegWit upgrade is on verge of a breakthrough to activation on Litecoin,.

Page 2 of 2 - Popular cryptocurrency trading platform Evolve Markets has announced the addition of LTC/USD and LTC/BTC CFDs, in time for SegWit activation.Earlier this month, the project activated a scaling solution called SegWit, bringing renewed focus on the cryptocurrency.The other mining pools who were opposing the solution have all switched over to SegWit signaling as we speak.

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CCTV2 Covers BTC, BCC, ETH, XRP, LTC and Scaling Solutions BU VS Segwit Aug 10, 2017, 18:05 by Cindy23 by in Reviews 16 32 3492. ETH, XRP and LTC.

Ever since the litecoin developers implemented SegWit signaling,.It just looks to me that segwit is not going to make it on LTC.

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SegWit hype is running over, it is now clear that it will be soon locked up and deployed.

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Litecoin miners, pools and exchanges have been informed to prepare for the pending CSV and SegWit activation.

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The LTC community was quite pleased when all mining pools came together.Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has been rallying for the LTC network to adopt Segwit for a while now and it looks like he just might get his wish.

At present Warren Togami works with Blockstream and Charlie Lee announced his return to LTC after.Crypto use as a currency is almost zero yet, specially in altcoin space.And we all should know too that anything will change neither upon SegWit activation nor even Lightning Network.Im hoping for.0102, if we go lower great, because I have no doubt we will eventually be going higher.

Litecoin banking on SegWit activation to realize vision as